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Savings calculator with tax

Kalkulator lokat
Kalkulator lokat dla iPhone

Why this calculator is useful?

Because :

- it is based on Polish rules, however you can modify tax rate and minimum taxable amount to adjust other country rules,
- you can calculate interest rate with compound and tax for each period,
- you can use rtwo methods of interest rounding - mathematical rounding to nearest number or cut after second decimal digit,
- you can check what would be your investments if there were no tax,
- you can check how much you can invest to avoid tax (daily interest rate lower than 2,50)
- you can visit light version for mobile devices of this calculator
- NEW You can download and use iPhone/iPod Touch version now!

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Initial balance
Periodic contribution amount (?)
Periodical contribution every period
Annual Percentage Yield %
Number of renews
Tax yield %
Minimum taxable interest
Interest rounding method mathematic
(down <5; up >=5)
cut (floor)
cut after second decimal digit
Calculated interest rate for period for the whole period: 8%
period invested amount interest tax base tax net interest interest balance
1 10 000,00 800,00 800 152 648,00 648,00